Commissioned Art

“For me, creating custom paintings for clients is like solving a puzzle. We collaborate. I ask all the details they want, like size, colors, and subject matter. Sometimes there’s a special sentiment, historical or family event which may be important. I take all that information and create a composition which includes exactly what they want. Complimentary in-home consultations. Guaranteed satisfaction.” – Beth Zink

For commissioned art, contact Beth to schedule an appointment.

“Working with a local artist is a blessing. Working with a TALENT like Beth Zink is an even bigger blessing.  When my clients are asking for a certain color combination or a particular desert floral one of the first artists that comes to mind is the very talented and experienced Beth Zink.  Working with Beth is like a dream come true.  Beth is not only talented but she is responsive, creative and ‘on it’.  What a pleasure! Thank you Beth for always being willing to collaborate and perform to the highest level.   You are a treasure.”

Mary Meinz, Interior Designer,
Phoenix Home & Garden Master of the Southwest